8m Centurion with Pumphouse

swimming pool with pump house


Swimming Pool with Pump House

Dimensions: 8m x 4.2m x 1.3m D

Price includes pump, filter, cleaning equipment & start up chemicals.



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Swimming Pool with Pump House Available Now!

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Fibreglass poolsare environmentally friendly, fast to install, easy to maintain, energy efficient, and use far fewer chemicals than any other in-ground pool. If you love the idea of a swimming pool but are concerned about the cost of ownership or the hassle of taking care of a swimming pool, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the research and made it easy to compare a fibreglass pool to other in-ground swimming pools, which may help you decide that a fibreglass pool is affordable and ideal for your busy family.




As each business is unique, Pool World Thailand will work with you to design and build a pool that meets your residential or business’s unique needs. If you’re looking for a swimming pool contractor with experience installing the most prestigious swimming pool designs, we are the firm for you.

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