Swim Belt

swim static belt

Limitless swimming in your own pool. The Static swim belt is the equivalent of an exercise bike or treadmill. Swimming without turning. From relaxed swimming to ambitious fitness programs, you can swim in all styles. Its simplicity and great wearing comfort bring success.


Pure Relaxation

You are looking for recreation and relaxation, or you want to review the day again. You decide according to your mood. Many find it difficult to do nothing and think of nothing. While swimming they think of breathing, it is a bit like the pendulum of a hypnosis. They don’t even have to think about turning anymore.

Pure Easy

Swimming with the Marathon Static swim belt is the same as swimming without. So no learning or change. They simply swim in the same place. You can swim right now. No drilling and no screwing. Just attach the suction knobs and off you go.

Pure Fitness

The time is ripe to do something again. Especially if you haven’t done sports for a long time, a lot can hurt instead of using. Swimming is ideal for muscles and joints. Many people don’t like to sweat and torture in the gym or to run through their quarters. Enjoy a workout in your usual environment in your beautiful pool.


Freedom is there where are no limits



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