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We now have a huge range of  Lap Pools available all can be installed inground or above ground backed by our famous 30 Year Warranty. Restrictions due to transportation rules and regulations, some lap pools are moved in 2 piece and are joined in 1 on the site location. All lap pools built with steps and no steps available. Perfect for rooftops, hotels, guest houses, apartment blocks etc.

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Why Fiberglass Pools are becoming more popular than Concrete Pools

1. Less Maintenance
This is an accepted fact in 2011, no longer up for debate. Fiberglass pools  have reinvented the paradigm that pools are a lot of work. In fact, most FP owners spend less than 30 minutes a week in total maintenance.

2. Work Great w/ Salt
As anyone who understands science will tell you, Salt Chlorinated water, for all its wonders, is abrasive to concrete surfaces. What’s this mean to you? Well, it simply means you’re going to have to resurface your concrete pool much sooner. But as for an FP, salt is not a deterrent on the surface.

3. Less Cost
Yes, fiberglass and concrete may cost the same initially, but long term, due to the chemical and maintenance/resurfacing differences, an FP is much less.

4. Quicker Install
Who wants a pool guy in their yard for months? Answer: Nobody. In fact, fiberglass pools are often completed, including decking, in 2-3 weeks time. This means less stress for homeowners, neighbors, pets, etc.

5. Much easier on the Feet
Believe it or not, this is a big deal. Kids can play in an FP for hours without getting their feet torn apart by the rough surface.

6. More Appealing to Potential Home Buyer
Now that so many people understand the low maintenance and longevity benefits of an FP, the real estate market has become very attracted to these types of pools because potential home buyers don’t see them as a lot of work in the future.

7. Much Harder for Algae to Grow
Algae is the bane of a pool owners existence, and fiberglass pools have become well known to combat the green monster due to their non-porous surface.

8. Seating is included
These days, every FP includes built-in steps and benches, a popular feature that always costs more with other types of pools.

9. The Green Advantage
With all the talk of the environment today, anything that uses fewer chemicals is a good thing. And when it comes to concrete vs. fiberglass, there’s no question which one uses less.

10. Sound Structure, Built to Last
No matter what your soil conditions are, fiberglass is the ideal suitor because its flexible enough to bend with shrink/swell, but strong enough to deal with the constant elements over the years.

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Is lap pool swimming good for you?

Swimming in the lap pool has many advantages and is one of the most beneficial exercises anyone can do regardless of any age. Lap pools may come family-budget and as well as plenty of cost effective options which are far more affordable than the conventional backyard pool. 

Installing lap pool can utilize the unused spare space in the garden or backyard. Lap pools are narrow and long which can fit into  spaces of the home or property that conventional pools cannot.  It also offers great health benefits and fitness. 

lap pool

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