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Modular Swimming Pools Thailand

The versatile nature of the Modular Concrete Pools system allows a pool to be designed and built to suit any location and requirement. This allows almost any shape, size or depth pool to be constructed, from the smallest roof-top jacuzzi to an Olympic size or even lagoon style pool.





 Why choose our Modular Pools

 1. Modular pool system that uses a specialized Fibre-glass panel construction that gives all the advantages and strength of a conventional concrete pool.

2. Constructed with Filled resin Fibreglass panels (factory fabricated ). The unique Filled resin process adds rigidity to the panels.

3. Modular Pools can have a concrete floor with panels counter sunk and secured with a bond beam at base of the panel or a Fibre-glass membrane floor

4. Our Modular Pools have a superior tiled Finish using a patented cementitious polymer applied to all surfaces as a sealant and a bonding agent for tile adhesion.

5. Our Modular Pools can be finished with Coping Stones added to the circumference

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What makes our Concrete Modular Pool Unique

 1. The versatility of our Modular Pools’ panel system ensures suitability to all types of situations from in-ground and above ground

to after-construction add-ons in hard to access areas.

2. Our Modular Pools are a thoroughly proven AND engineered pool system that offers flexibility of design and application.

3. Our Modular Pools use high-quality structural components specically designed to withstand the weight and pressure of the pool water and surrounding fill.

4. The relatively lightweight construction can assist in reducing the engineering loads in suspended pool applications such as a balcony

or roof-top installation.

5. The Modular Pool process reduces the construction period dramatically compared to a conventional concrete pool, resulting in

reduced labour and material costs.

6. Our Modular  Pool system allows Flexibility and ease of add-ons including jacuzzi seats, air blower systems, steps and water fountains.

7. Modular Pools can be fitted with a skimmer, overow or infinity edge filtration systems.


Concrete & Modular Pools are a great alternative to Conventional Concrete Pools…

  •  The walls are constructed of Pre-made fiberglass panels that are reinforced and locked into position to make above the neat wall. 

  • Then we pour the concrete and steel reinforced the floor.

  • Once this has been done we waterproof all the joins and apply a waterproofing Polymer to the Complete surface of the Pool.

  • Now the pool is ready for tiling and backfilling on the outside of the pool.

  • Connect up the filtration fill the pool with water jump in and have a swim



1. Superior construction to Concrete
2. Quick installation even very big pools can be finished ready for tiling within 2 weeks
3. Absolutely 100 percent Waterproof
4. Any Shape possible
5. Any size possible
6. Perfect for difficult sites and limited access sites
7. The bigger the pool the more Competitive the price
8. Can be transported on a truck over long distances
9. Easy to maintain
10. Lower chemical costs

Swimming Pool Contruction

How is a Concrete Modular Pool Constructed?


1. Excavation takes place the same as for any type of in-ground pool allowing for the deep end excavation to suit the pool requirements.

2. After leveling and trimming of the excavation site, a lean concrete slurry is poured for a controlled working surface.

3. After setting leveling blocks the fibre-glass panels are bolted together to form the walls of the pool.

4. The panel wall is now ready to be made level and plumb with A-frame supports in place before a concrete bond beam is poured under the wall panel, along with the base of the panel.

5. After installing the under slab plumbing, the concrete floor is poured and steel troweled to a smooth finish and left for approximately 7 days to set.

6. At this stage all plumbing and electrical fittings are installed in pool and pipeworks are taken to machine room position. The pool is now ready for back-filling to take place.

7. At this point, all panel joints are fibre-glass made over to smooth-finish followed by the application of the cementitious polymer to all internal surfaces.

8. The ceramic/ mosaic tiles can now be fixed with a superior bonding agent.

9. Coping edges and concrete surrounds/ deck areas can be completed now.

10. Installation of machine room equipment is now completed and the pool ready to be filled with water.

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The same assembly process as for In-Ground pool applies:




1. Assembled panels can sit on existing platform with concrete

floor poured inside paneled area or Fibre-Glass Floor Panel

can be used on top of existing floor.

2. Panels can be countersunk (100mm) in a concrete slab once

bolted together and leveled.

3. Option: Panels can be tied into new floor slab with vertical

steel re-enforcing secured to the slab steelwork and rising up

through panel strengthening ribs. Concrete can then be

poured through the top of each rib.

4. Fibreglass double-sided panels are fitted to exposed wall

areas and all required surfaces are prepared for tiling finish.

Where can the Modular Pools be installed?

The versatile nature of the Modular concrete Pools system allows a pool to be designed and built to suit any location and requirement.

  • Fully In-Ground

  • Fully Above-Ground

  • Sloping Ground

  • Building Roof-Top

  • Overhang Slab/ Deck

  • Balconies

  • Building Mezzanine Floor

  • Building Basement

  • Partially In-Ground

  • Level Ground

Are there any restrictions to shape or size of a Mod – Com Pools?…

Again, the versatile nature of the Mod – Com Pools system allows almost any shape, size or depth pool to be constructed, from the smallest roof-top jacuzzi to an Olympic size or even lagoon style pool.

  •  Rectangular / Square ….Oval / Round ….Kidney ….Custom Design

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Why should I choose A Concrete Modular Pool?
1. New technology ensures a reliable quality product now used in 11 countries.
2. Unique Panel System allows an unlimited range of shapes and sizes from Jacuzzi size to commercial applications.
3. A lightweight solution for rooftop, balcony or indoor pools.
4. A superior finish with Ceramic/ Mosaic Tiles.
5. Modular Panel Pool System greatly reduces construction time.
6. Modular Pool construction leaves a cleaner building site with less construction waste.

Modular Swimming Pools Thailand

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