Aqua Jet

Counterflow Aqua Jet 50

✔️ Can be easily installed in all swimming pools
✔️ High performance, with a flowrate of 50m3/hour
✔️ Equipped with LED lights that are integrated into the lid of the nozzle
✔️ Power : 1.1 Kw/1.5 hp,46 mm diameter nozzle, 21.5 kg weight, water stream pressure 1.1bar



Aquajet 100 Counter Current Swim Jet

The Aquajet 100 Counter Current Swim Jet is a 1.1 kw overhang jet with a buit in colour changing LED light. It has been developed using the latest technology to provide an impressive 100m3 of flow per hour at the lowest price. The jetstream device can be simply retro-fitted to most existing above ground or inground swimming pools.

230Volts, Water flow intensity control, Adjustable Venturi



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